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Ira Schulman, originally from Chicago, is a musician specializing in wind and percussion instruments.

During 50ís, he recorded with Bill Russoís Experiment in Jazz Band and played various jazz clubs including Blue Note, Hi Note, Capitol Show Lounge, and also played with Woody Herman.

In 60ís, he moved to Los Angeles, worked at Warner Bros.-TV recording with Fred Karlin. Worked locally with Bob Crosby, Onzy Mathews, Gerald Wilson, also toured the international circuit with Don Ellis Jazz Band as a featured soloist. Recorded with Don Ellis Band on Pacific Jazz and Columbia Records. Played and recorded with Dave MacKay on Impulse Records.

In 70ís, he formed the Baroque/Jazz Ensemble and the Four Winds.

He currently directs the Four Winds and Baroque/Jazz Ensemble in both professional and school performances.

















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