OGOGO - Live 











I I I Singles CD
















   Part I


   1. Christolism

   2. Madness


   Part  II


   3. Victims

   4. Death


OGOGO Live was recorded at Sonic Circuits Festival in Los Angeles organized by American Composers Forum. Music on this CD represents eternal subject of betrayal with following consequences of destruction and death.


This CD is follow up of the previous OGOGO album entitled

"Live In Your Bedroom". Music presented on this CD is so advanced and radical that former record company decided not to release it as a segue.

And here you have it.


Also this musical performance based on true story and reflects immediate reactions to underlying developments.  Therefore, it's extremely spontaneous and deeply sincere.



" Russian composer Igor is particularly motivating."

                                                 Dwight Loop, Producer of " Earwaves".


" Nice playing and production throughout. A real winner. "

                                                       Don Campau, KKUP, Radio Host.


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